Raw materials

Geobloc products contain natural inert materials from the ground, and some water. And that’s it !

Excavated earth residues from Luxembourg construction sites

This excavated soil represents several million cubic meters of material each year, which is mainly disposed of in landfill sites and is rarely recovered. Once collected, this material is analysed and conditioned (sieving, screening) before being used as a raw material.

In order to guarantee the homogeneity of this material, Geobloc creates batches.

Luxembourgish clays

Southern Luxembourg, once a place where clay bricks were manufactured, has excellent quality clays which are used in the composition of Geobloc products to give the bricks their cohesion.


In some cases, it may be useful to add hydraulic lime to the recipe in order to increase the mechanical or physical properties of the products.

In this case, we use high quality, locally produced limes.

Properties and features

A healthy product

Geobloc products have been subjected to the uncompromising Luxembourg SAMI analysis protocol, which guarantees the total absence of substances that are harmful to the environment and human health, by assessing the levels of more than 180 volatile organic substances (VOCs).

High thermal inertia

With a density of around 1,950 kg/m³, Geobloc products have a low thermal diffusivity and can absorb peaks in heat or cold. When used inside, they contribute to a pleasant thermal environment.

Hygrometric controller

Geobloc raw clay products have a high capacity to regulate humidity: they capture and sequester the humidity present in the ambient air, if this humidity is in excess, and release it if the interior climate is too dry.

This function improves the feeling of comfort and well-being, as well as being beneficial to health.

Fire response

Raw clay products have an excellent response to fire and are A1 classified (non-combustible). Their fire resistance depends on the thickness of the wall used, please consult us on this subject.

On demand texture

For some building programmes, the clients or project designers/developers want a unique look or texture, reflecting the location and making use of the local soil.

Geobloc offers this option, alongside its standard range, in order to create a unique and personalised brick with you.

Integral recycling

At the end of the construction’s life, Geobloc products are simply recovered and crushed to enter a new production cycle, without any further operation.

Product range


Geobloc products can be used both inside and outside, as long as certain technical conditions are met: load-bearing interior walls, interior partition walls or double walls, interior or exterior facing walls, most masonry structures are possible.

Please contact us for more details.